>I hate Sunday’s – but not this one…

>I usually hate Sunday’s. Always have. There is never anything good on TV and nothing to do. However, this Sunday I spent in my apartment eating sunflowers seeds, carrot salad, surfing the web (yes, Chechnya’s gone 3G!!)  and watching Season 1 of OZ. Why did I only bring one season of Oz and 5 season’s of Footballer’s Wives?? I watched all 5 seasons of FBW’s in 2.5 weeks.
I was supposed to go to my Chechen language lesson at 1pm but my teacher called and canceled. Can’t say that I am sad about it. I am happy to stay inside and in bed all day before going back to work tomorrow.

In other news, I need to re-record my 1st Chechen pop song. Well, it’s not really pop because I decided to go with traditional / national style music. It isn’t working out too well. My manager Yusup ( AKA Yurt DA ) thinks the tempo needs to be sped up. I agree. The only problem is….I still can’t pronounce the following sounds ( г1, Кх, Къ, КI, Оь, Уь, Хь, Х, ЦI, Юь, Яь ) I feel like I will never be able to make these sounds, but I do see progress.
No esharsh (эшарш ) debut for another 2-3 weeks.