>Chechen Music Video and Child Models

>Today I shot the first half of my music video. I am singing a love song in Chechen. Why did I do it? I ask myself this more and more frequently. I am completely nervous about this. My accent is too strong, I don’t pronounce words correctly and I am singing the sappiest love song imaginable. It sounds great in if you don’t know the meaning in English – but once I had the lyrics translated to English i thought – OH NO!!!! I can’t say this….but I did. I recorded it and the video is almost finished. It is premiering on next week’s show!!!!
Here are some photos from the shoot. I am dressed completely like a local girl. I suppose it will fit the video content. Whatever, sometimes you have to take risks. Hahahhahaha.

Last week was a total scene. As usual, something always happens and one of the featured people n the show cancels. At the last minute Madina and I had to find something else to do.
We ended up featuring a designer that uses child models. It was over the top. A lot of drama, a lot of photos , a lot of stage moms. In the end it all worked out – however, I wanted to cry 1/2 way through the shoot.