>NO HORSE MILK and Chechen Freestle Rap Battle

>UUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH…..Maybe it is just TV business – I don’t know. Whatever can go wrong – always does. For instance….
Today Madina ( who is my assistant and translator ) went to a village like 1 hour away from Grozny to meet the head of Chechen Agro Holdings and go to a KUMIS factory ( Kumis is made of horse milk ) . The plan was for me to get to the farm, milk a horse, try the milk…whatever. Of course we set this up before – but when we got there, they told us the horses stopped producing milk 1 month ago and the factory was closed. More than that – there is no Kumis available because it is out of season!
So……whatever. We just interviewed some people and – took some photos.

After that….I was on my way to go ice skating for the 2nd part of the show – however….the ice was melted and wouldn’t be frozen again until next week NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My show is falling apart this week!!!!!
Yurt Da called me to say that there was a rap battle on tonight at the Show Club in Microyon – so I went. It kicked ass! These guys were really good – one in particular. he ended up winning. He can speak English and has an accent like an American homeboy . These other guys were crip walking, popping and locking and breakdancing. I had so much fun. Here are the photos.