>A day with Aimani Aidamirova


What a long day! Went to visit the Queen of Esharsh (Chechen music) at her house and film her. What a trip. She is so cool. Her home is gorgeous.
The morning started out the same as usual – Madina and I were starving and our stomach’s were growling so loud they were drowning out the interview. Then…the power went out – so we had to stop the interview. Aimani gave us a cake to eat! Yes!!!
Oh – did i forget to mention that we had the most eccentric cameraman today??!!! Yusup. He is AWESOME but very hyperactive – here he is making a fire at Aimani’s house.

1/3 through the day – Madina, Aimani and Yusup realized that they were all related somehow.

1/2 way throughthe day – Aimani decided to cook traditional Chechen lunch of animal guts, hingalsh and galnash. Guess what??/ I also had to cook with her. Hahahhhaa – I was so not prepared for this.

And here is Madina trying animal guts for the first time….

I think she liked it. To be honest – it sounds gross but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t what I expected – in a good way.
OK – lunch is over, we’re off to check out her backyard where she had traditional Chechen towers built. Bur first – she gave me her coat to war – yes…another fur!!! I have never worn so much fur in my life!

The day is almost over – Aimani wants me to wear one of her dresses – so I do.
And just to make things authentic…………well, even more authentic – she gave me the antique water jug to carry water through her backyard. It looks cool – but it is very difficult ot carry this thing. I can’t imagine how heavy it is when full of water!!!!!

Here the strain is showing on my face…

Now – it is the end of the day. All interviews complete. All scenes filmed – Culture section for the show is complete and it’s only Monday.
Here is the final photo – me and Aimani’s 2 daughters ( she has 4 , but the other 2 weren’t home )