>Countdown to esharsh premiere


Hi!!!! I am in bed and wide awake. I am not even tired and it is 1:44am. I don’t know why I am up so late.

Probably because this week is the last show of the fall season and I have 3 weeks off from next Thursday until we start filming the winter season.
Earlier in the week I shot the 2nd part of my music video – it was an extreme location. The director, cameraman and my other assistant/translator Artur had to climb a building that is under construction by some Turkish or Uzbek company. It has 14 flights and bricks were falling everywhere. We needed to get to the roof. I have no idea how the director pulled this off – but he did. I climbed this entire unsafe building in a full face of make-up, hair extensions and an over the top outfit. By the time I got to the top I wanted to pass out and hurl. The view was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Above: Artur on his first day back to work after a one month vacation gets stuck climbing a building , holding my esharsh lyrics and reciting this sappy love song to me when I forget the words. Hahhahahah. Poor dude.

I’ve seen all the Chechen pop Divas do this stance. Usually they are singing with their arms open and the mountains are behind them – this is the most popular move to pull if you are a Chechen singer. I didn’t pull it off so well though. I look like I am confused.
This is the director of the shoot laughing because of this extreme location first thing in the morning. It wasn’t funny.

Again, I look confused.

Dokka, Me and my absolute favourite cameraman………IBRASHKA!!!!!!

Me and Artur – the shoot is over. Now we need to get back to Dom Pichati…there are 1000 more things to do today.
This was such a great location, however – it was all a waste. When I saw the footage later, I looked like I had been beaten. The lighting was awful which made me look awful. We had to scrap all the footage. There is only 1 moment of 3 seconds we could salvage. I’m not sure I like it. It doesn’t fit the other footage. All of a sudden I am on top of a building – it makes it seem like i am going to jump over the edge and commit suicide because I am so depressed…… according to the lyrics of this song.
Lets start with introducing the video editing director. His name is Islam. When Madina and I met him, he looked at the footage and said – this is just not going to work. Then , his head starting spinning with all sort of new ideas.

Islam – the music video director
Madina is taking notes while he explains to her that we need more shots, MORE FOOTAGE, MORE TIME and on and on.
Finally – he tells her to just make a list of shots that we need to hand to the cameraman. So she does it.
And at this stage, we know this guy is another eccentric artist working at Grozny TV. Since this is the first time we have met him – we’re not sure what to expect.
Next thing you know, he has ordered me to re-shoot in the studio the next day – and ….here it is.
Again, we are not sure what to expect on this shoot. All we know is it involves a fan, only 2 spotlights, an eccentric director and our favourite cameraman IBRASHKA.

I am nervous, so I look for more lipstick to apply.

I am nervous, so I put on more face powder.

and more face powder.

Now I am looking over the directors shoulder wondering what his plans are and if I will look like a complete fool. Well, go figure – this is how it sounds folks:
A mixed race American/Canadian fashion model shoots her first Chechen esharsh music video with an eccentric director from Grozny . By the way, she’s singing in Chechen.

Now I’m checking on Ibrashka. Why? I have no clue. Because I am nervous.

In my own mind I am thinking – Chrystal, you damn fool. Why couldn’t you just learn a poem in Chechen and recite it on the air for Noxchi Mott. Why the hell did you go so far over the top with this damn song. Why are you sitting in this studio singing a love song in Chechen ?
I had no answers to the questions in my head. And while I was thinking these thoughts – visions of me getting laughed out of the republic arose often.

Here goes the fan to blow my platok ( headscarf )

Ibrashka has to write a fake love letter as one of my props in the video.
Well folks, that’s all I have for today. The video will premiere on Sunday night. It will be on Youtube Monday or Tuesday. There is no going back now. All I can say is – I did my best and Chechen is a difficult language.