>Last Day in Grozny before Christmas Vacation


Well – almost vacation. I will be working most of the time doing a special report for Grozny TV.

Yesterday started off with me rocking out to music. I can’t remember what I was listening to. I was so happy to know that all I had to do was go to the studio and do a New Year’s greeting.

When I got to the TV station – the director I had to read the greeting in Russian. I had nothing prepared in Russian – only English! Disaster. In the end everything worked out and I read my Russian New Year greeting sentence.
BELOW: Me and Lom-Ali ( this dude has a 2 talk shows on the air. He has such a cool attitude and personality )

But, I ran into another problem – my platok was blue and so was the background for the greeting commercial. Uggghhhh- Madina had to go borrow one from some chick in the news room.

Madina and I ( me in new platok from random person – I wish it was mine! I love the colour!!)
Of course, all of a sudden this dude shows up from Neotek advertising department ( a company I did a commercial for a few months ago and the sponsor of my song ) Apparently I am to shoot a new commercial. NOW. OMG!!! Seriously?? What am I supposed to wear? I ran home and changed , came back to the studio and did the Neotek commercial.

Above are some random studio shots.
Next I went to the control room – I could hear my song playing. Turns out all the dudes there were watching the video.

I then went to sushi – I had a 2.5 hour lunch. ahahhahaahaha.

Last night was also the final show for Young Stars competition – I didn’t go, I decided to pack. I could hear fireworks going off at the Bolshoi Koncert Nazal – I took some photos – only 1 came out. Today I texted Xeda to see who won:
Grand Prize – Tamila Sagaipova
Runner Up – Markha Obitaeva
I don’t know who they are. I have to get photos of them later and post.

OH – at lunch there were kittens in the restaurant, they were so cute!