>I’m in Moscow


This morning I left Grozny to fly to Moscow. I decided to upgrade my ticket to business class – smart move. The plane was delayed and I had nooooooo stress at all. VIP rules!
ME, RUSLAN and MADINA in VIP lounge at Grozny Airport
Finally – I made it from Vnukovo airport in Moscow to my hotel. It took 3 hours. BTW – the temperature is like -28 C. I have taken no photos here .
Last night my homeboy Rustam (AKA Hollywood ) called me to go to dinner with him and a couple other people.
My homeboy Rustam ( he also owns Safo – the store that Xeda and I did a commercial for )
At dinner, I met this Chechen lady – her name nickname is “Josie”.
About 30 minutes into us talking, she told me she had sent a couple emails to me. Then she gave me her email address – and everything became clear…..
Several months ago, a strange guy was asking Artur and I a crazy question about Kate Winslet.

This is Artur in case you forgot ( one of the team and translator )
Anyway……this guy at the TV station would not stop asking Artur and I these crazy questions about Kate Winslet.
3 days later, I received an email at my Grozny TV account that was from Kate-Josie Winslet! I freaked out – I thought it was this guy who was now harrassing me by email. Another mail from this Kate Winslaet address was sent a couple months later – I ignored them both.
However….last night this girl gave me her email address – she is Kate – Josie Winslet!!! hahahhaha. Ooops. At least I don’t have a crazy dude sending me nutty emails.

“Josie” ( AKA Kate Winslet ) and Me
For dinner last night I ate sadge. It was not as good as Grozny City, but it was OK

Me and Sadge – hahahahha