>The Land of OZ

>I have been back in Grozny for 3 days now. My jet lag is over and I am sleeping normal hours.
I have been engrossed in OZ for 2 weeks straight. I am on Season 4 ….I feel like I live in this maximum security prison.

There is only 1 more season left…I will probably start watching this again from season 1 . Being the only foreigner living here in Grozny, I feel that this lot on OZ  are my friends. Hahaha, sad – I know.

Last night I went to Grozny City mall to see Avatar – again. This is the 2nd time I have seen it, but it is such a good movie and my friend hadn’t seen it yet.

Afraid that nothing interesting is happening at the moment – but that will all change in the next week once filming for the show starts.
In the meantime, I am going to write a few scripts and pop in season 5 of OZ.