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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Chrystal Callahan, Chechnya’s Own Tokyo Rose

Propaganda – The Choice of a New Generation 

You have to ask, is there a better way to airbrush the atrocities of man than to cover them up with the face of a beautiful woman? Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov certainly didn’t think so. Meet the new public face of war torn Chechnya, Canadian model and former Vogue darling Chrystal Callahan.
Callahan, who made her debut off the catwalk with the filming of “Greco Roman Grozny,” is rising through the ranks with a new claim to fame-the star of prime time’s “An Inside Look with Chrystal Callahan.” The question many around the world are asking is, an inside look into what? While Callahan claims to have uncensored freedom of choice in what she puts on the air during her half hour special, fans can’t help but notice the similarities between Callahan’s latest endeavor and the careers of Walter Duranty and Tokyo Rose: Public figures who built their careers pushing propaganda .

For a country run by a warlord and still bearing the ravages of its scuffles with the Soviet Union, every Sunday at prime time Grozny looks like a great place to call home. Weekly news features on the government sponsored station paint a glowing picture of the beauty of a growing Chechnya and are all but lost beneath Callahan’s newly embraced culture and style. If you want a front row seat for the best restaurants in Grozny (or the sight of a devout fashionista up to her elbows in cheese curd) be sure to tune in. If you’re looking for the cold, hard truth hiding in the alleys of this rehabilitating nation, you’re going to have to look somewhere else.
No budding television career would be complete without a foray into the world of print, which is why “Diary of a Fashion Model in Chechnya” will hit the stands in the summer of 2010. The book will feature a collection of photos and journal entries from Callahan’s previous visit to Grozny-the same visit where coffee and ice cream with Kadyrov himself paved the way for Callahan’s debut as the latest attempt on the part of the Chechen government to transform their public image.
How long does Callahan intend to let Grozny hide behind her skirts and stilettos? Sources say Callahan is tied to a six month contract with the television studio but is expected to remain in Chechnya “indefinitely.”
“In the Chechen Republic there are wonderful people with beautiful traditions and customs that simply cannot leave anyone unaffected,” Callahan states.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

YOUNG, RICH, AND OUT OF CONTROL….Chrystal Callahan strikes again

Chrystal Callahan has become a pop star in Chechnya.


She has released a music single and music video performed in Chechen .

Ok, back to reality… nothing much is happened today. I am baking a big cake for my show this week. Cooking shows always freak me out. This cake I am making is HUGE and very intimidating. I have a photo of it somewhere…..