>The Last week of February 2010


This week started with the culture segment of my show at the airport. I worked there for 2 days – I was so tired by Wednesday…but I had to keep going. In this photo I’m with the director of Grozny Airport, Ruslan Gambulatov.
Here is the final version of the episode – it is one of my favorites.

Onto my new shoes…………………………………

By Thursday I had to meet Aimani Aidamirova and return the dress I borrowed from her. She asked me to perform in her concert next Sunday March 7th! She wrote a duet for us! It is so cool. She also told me that I needed to be at rehearsal several days next week. I had to buy these special shoes that the dancers wear. They only cost 100 rubles ( $3.00 ) but these are my favourite pair of shoes EVER. All the dancers wear them …. and now I do too.
YES!!!!!! I am a going to be a dancer….or – at least learn some hot moves to get me through my upcoming stage performance.
And speaking of stage performances…..I had to record the song today that Aimani and I are singing on Sunday at her concert. We went to Deni Satabaev’s place to do it. What a dream come true!!! Singing with Aimani Aidamirova and working with Deni Satabaev!!

Aimani Aidamirova

Deni Satabaev

And Illyas Aiyubov stopped by as well. I love his music – he is an awesome singer. He is having a concert on March 8th.

Illyas Aiyubov and I

Me and Deni