>That familiar feeling of panic.

>I feel like I don’t work on TV anymore. I have been here almost 3 weeks and my regular show hasn’t aired . I have been too busy with other things and the first week I got back was a write off.
The first episode airs this Sunday. I have been on TV a lot, I did a 1/2 hour talk show with Lom Ali, then Lom Ali hosted a special report with me, and then there was the concert that I performed on stage at which is now being broadcast.

This week, my regular show’s theme is International Women’s Day. I am going to meet Amina Akmodova at 10am. But before I do anything, I have to buy a bunch of flowers and chocolates to give the the women on my show. By 3pm I need to be at the concert hall for practice. I swear I am getting worse. I keep forgetting the words to this duet with Aimani. I heard the final version of the song today, and yes…I have to dance and SPIN!!! I think Aimani has me spinning with a Canadian flag and she is spinning with a Chechen one, or vice versa. The point is – I can’t spin!!! I get dizzy after 1 turn!! I am afraid I will ruin the entire concert. My heel got stick in the floor on stage today! OMFG!!! I wanted to die, then I forgot the words to the song, then i relaized it was the new version of the song and I didn’t know what to do. A dance coach is coming to help me tomorrow. It is Wednesday, the concert is Sunday….and instead of being excited, all I feel is panic.

This is me and some child dancers/singers in the concert hall. I am translating my lyrics from Chechen to English so I have a clue about what I am singing about.
Today Ibbi and I went to Tsentaroy ( it is about 1.5 hours from Grozny ) to interview Khozh Akhmed Kadyrov for the Islam section of my show. We ended up having tea and a light lunch with him after the interview.
Khozh Akhmed and I

Khozh Akhmed and Ibbi
I need to sleep. I am so exhausted and I don’t have a tight script for tomorrow – which means I need to wake up early and get something together.