I shot the Women’s Day episode for my show. I thought it was going to be a disaster as I had 6 stops to make in 1 day. However, things went really smooth and we finished by 4:10pm – even after taking a 1 hour lunch break! Yahoo. This job is getting easier.
First stop was to see Amina Akmadova. I brought her flowers and a hijab.

The next stop was to surprise Aimani at rehearsal by bringing her flowers. Of course Women’s Day isn’t until March 8th…but i need to film for my episode.
After that… we found some women cleaning the streets, took a lunch break and went to visit Makka Mezheiva. She is awesome. I love her music. She has the most gorgeous eyes!!
Makka and I
And she gave me a scarf. It rules!
Her and her husband gave Yusup the cameraman a watch!
And here is a photo of Makka and her husband. he is from Azerbaijan.

Oh yeah, I also went to the maternity house and visited some newborns, but I didn’t tke any photos because I forgot my purse in the car. Watch this episode onMarcg 7th to see the final result.