Yes, this is a poster of my pondar teacher Sahab. I taped it on my door so I am reminded to practice often.

Today is Sunday, and I did absolutely nothing. This is the 2nd Sunday in a row that I have just RELAXED. I usually try to meet people I haven’t seen in a while or go my friends house. But looking back, I think I was doing too much and not getting enough rest. I am not leaving the house for the next 3 Sunday’s. Unless of course, I have to work.

I had to take dancing lessons . This time I needed to learn how to dance with a guy – for when I am at lovzar and sinkeram parties. These guys are awesome dancers. They were in the ensemble LOVZAR (with Makka Sagaipova years ago ) The guy on the right is my pondar teachers son – Ashab.

Yusup ( AKA Yurt Da ) called me Wednesday night. We went out to eat. I hadn’t seen him in months. BROOX the rapper also met us.
Saturday afternoon I hear cheering and chanting outside of my window. It was the Ramzan Patriotic Club. They were on a mission. They are always so busy. There are something like 50 demonstrations per month!!! I have a t-shirt, I got it from the head of the organization. It’s cool.
And….Saturday night is always for editing. This week the lovely Ibbi was on duty.
Hahahah – speaking of Ibbi. I was in his office hanging out before we went to edit the news. I found an article online that some German newspaper published about me. I was laughing when I saw the photo – we both HATE this picture, and people keep using it. My eyes are slightly glued together with eyelash glue, I look like I am drunk because they caught me in the middle of a blink and Ibbi looks like a zombie – hahahahha.
I didn’t read the article – it looked boring.
The tragic overused photo of Ibbi and I.
However, another German magazine interviewed me last week as well . They are called DER SPIEGEL.I think the article comes out this week – or next week. I forget.


A cover of DER SPIEGEL

Anyway….back to the editing room. As you can see, I have bribed Bekhan with sunflower seeds -again.

I know this looks like an important phone call – but…I am just waiting for Madina to pick up her phone on the other end.
This object in the photo below is my new obsession. It is thick string cheese that is smoked and doused in salt. I love it and can’t stop eating it. I have started to replace meat for it. I have already eaten an entire package of this today – and all I can think of is buying more tomorrow! There is no label on it , so I can’t even say where this cheese is made, what it is called, what the ingredients are, nutrition facts….nothing. All I can say is that – it is one of the top 5 foods I have tasted in my life.