>El Dentista


Yikes, I had a cavity. Yesterday I went to see Khassan so he could suggest a dentist. He brought me to his friend.
He introduced me to Khedi – she is a dentist at the same hospital she works at. I booked an appointment and went to see her today.
Khedi and I
I had Yusup come so we could do this week’s Q&A with Khedi.
and..of course, Yusup was being – himself – hahaha..
My cavity was deeper than the dentist thought – that meant more shots of Novocaine and pain medicine.
I am looking at Artur while he translates that I need more shots. I am exhausted now….but it was necessary to get the cavity fixed.
I was supposed to have editing tonight – but the schedule got changed. Bekhan my editor Bluetoothed me a photo of us from last summer.
Me and Beks
Since there was no editing – I went to Pizza House with my friend to eat.
It was packed – as ususal.
I ordered a small meat pizza.
Now I am back at home. I have a toothache and I am going to sleep.