>URUS MARTAN – Dondi Yurt Shoot


Yesterday I had a shoot in Urus Martan. This week the weather has been so warm and sunny – except for yesterday. It was freezing like winter. We were holding a sinkeram party for this week’s episode.

And here are all the lovely photos.
The dress I am wearing is over 100 years old.
Here is the first dress I tried on – but it was too small.
Here is the dress I ended up wearing. Dondi Yurt Museum where we did this shoot is awesome. It has the best suuroundings for a film or photo shoot.
This dechig pondar that I am holding is so heavy. It is 3 times as thick as mine – I suppose it’s because it is an antique. I want to get one like this now – it feels so much more solid than mine. I feel I could break my pondar so easily if I dropped it or it fell over.
Yusup was the cameraman. He was freezing and frustrated – as we all were.
I edited the show last night – it looks good. It will be on the air tomorrow.