Today I went to a remote part of the republic and worked the land. My show this week is about…spring. And all things associated with it. I haven’t completed the script but I knew I wanted this segment in it.
The day started with me and the crew turning up to the farm land at about 10am.
We asked one of the workers to bring some clothes for me to wear in the field. She did.

As I put these clothes on – I knew it was going to look really authentic.

I check my make up before the shoot starts.
This photo is of myself and the lady who brought me the clothes. Forget the camera putting on 10 pounds – I look like I put on 150 in this outfit!
I suppose this is what I would look like if I gained 150 pounds. This outfit does nothing for me. Hahhahaha.

I’m going to start the shoot with driving a tracker and ploughing the land.
1 problem – I don’t know how to drive. My crew is making fun of me because of this small obstacle.

I think I can pull it off – so I get in the tractor. Ibrashka is inside as well.

I am asking which pedal is STOP and which one is GO. I want to make sure I know how to STOP!
Me and new friends.

I have a burr stuck to my sock. They are also stuck to my skirt. They hurt….but that’s life in the field.

Later in the day – my next assignment is to sweep. I am not thrilled about it.

Sweeping is painful. Hahahha. I look like I am holding a hockey stick.

New friends………

I am knackered and not even 1/2 way through the day. I now have to scoop seeds into a bag and move the bags.

Next…. babies are being born now. I had to go check on the newborn sheep.
As I was trying to feed the adult sheep – they were becoming very aggressive and stomping their hooves at me. I thought they were going to attack me – but they didn’t.

We went into the field to liaise with a sheepherder. Since sheep are my favourite animal… I had to do traditional Chechen dancing with sheep all around me.
This is the sheep herder and his son. He rides an old school motorcycle and his son rides in a sidecar made of wood.
He needs the motorcycle in case a wolf comes and he has to scare it away. Not many wolves have been around lately. What a peaceful job….watching sheep graze all day in fresh air.
Last task – I must sow seeds into a field.
Ibrashka came along for the ride to film me. There was a tractor pulling the seed dispenser. My job was to make sure that the seeds were being distributed correctly. Sometimes I would throw buckets of seeds off the back of the dispenser – just for good measure.
And that folks…. was my life as a peasant.
BTW – last Friday I was in my apartment. I saw 2 shadows outside my windows with ropes. Hahaaha.
I threw open my curtains to find some window washers. I took a couple photos of one of them.