>The end of the week ( April 7th – 10th 2010 )


During the day on Wednesday I was walking to Dom Pichati through the “Journalist Park” when I noticed that the name of Dom Pichati had been changed to the Chechen version. It’s now called Zorbanan Ts’ ah.

On Wednesday night I decided to go to Chernolechie and visit my friends. I had been working so much I hadn’t seen them in 1 month.
Fatima made a Chechen dish that is in season right now – I think it is called “Yizan Galnash”. I could be wrong…..

It is made from nettles, garlic shoots and fat from a cow or sheep with a lot of salt.
Fatima is making the dough for it now. The nettle mixture is put into round pieces of dough and looks like dumplings.
It tastes great!!!!!!
Fatima’s son is behind me and giving me rabbit ears in this photo.

Thursday morning started early. I had to be at dance and singing rehearsal at the Ministry of Culture by 9am .
Rehearsal was packed – all the young girls were there on this day. The little ones are so cute because they are just learning how to dance.
Here is the routine I am working on at the moment. I am recording a new song with Aimani’s ensemble. We will shoot a music video in the next week for it.
Dancing is such hard work. I had no formal training before and now I am dancing everyday on my toes like a ballerina – it hurts!!!!!
This is the part of the routine that I have difficulty with. After the 1st verse I have to go out and do a dance. Hopefully it will all come together by the time the video shoot is on.
And on Thursday night in editing – I caught the entire process of a guy breaking an apple in half. Artur did it. here is the process……
And finally, last night was Friday. My friend picked me up and we went to a place in Microyan. I was bored of going out to places in Grozny and wanted a change of scenery. This cafe was awesome. They had the best sound system and played the best music. The cabins were all private and it was decorated well. There is a song by Akon they were playing. I am going to download it from ITunes now!
This is the place in Microyan.
Me chilling out in a private cabin after a long week of work. Akon is playing in the background.