>I have been sick


I have been sick for a week and in bed for 2 days last week. Today was pretty busy, I went to practice at the Ministry of Culture. I am shooting a video tomorrow. I heard the new song I did. It’s ok. I think my voice is off key – or something. Maybe it’s just weird to hear my own voice. My pronunciation in Chechen is much better. I’ll keep trying. The video will be complete by Saturday. I am nervous about shooting because I have to do a dance routine with 10 other chicks. Yikes.
I am still obsessed with guys here breaking the apple in half. I took a picture of Ruslan doing it.
Speaking of guys….there is a chocolate bar here by Nestle. It’s called “FOR MEN” It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. First the wrapper saying it is for men.

The next best thing about this product is the actual chocolate inside. It has a print of a woman with a cross over her – suggesting NO WOMEN. Hahahaha – how crazy. I buy it anyway.
Today I finally parted with my Nan’s suitcase. When I was home last time I needed an extra suitcase to come back to Chechnya that was lightweight. I found my Nan’s ( great – grandmother ) suitcase in the basement of my grandmothers house. My nan just died last August, she was 101. Anyway – I brought the suitcase to Chechnya, but it was so old that it got ripped on the way.
I have kept it in my room for almost 3 months! I told my mom I didn’t want to throw it out because I was having anxiety about it. She told me to just do it – she also said that my Nan would have been happy that her suitcase made it so far.
Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll take photos at the shoot tomorrow. I am exhausted and still need to wash my hair, practice dance moves and remember all the lyrics to the song.