>Back in Itum Kale

>Nothing went as planned this week – in a good way. I ended up shooting Milan Mall in downtown Grozny. Wow, it is really cool. It was my first time there, I could have stayed there all day.

This week I went back to Itum Kale to the site where they will build a ski resort. The area is called Alpine Valley.

There is meat boiling in this pot.

This picture of Ruslan and I looks so fake. The scenery here is amazing!!!

Some people I met there.

Another amazing background. It looks like I am standing in front of a painting.

Islam was the driver on this day.

This is Muslim, he lives in Itum Kale and works for the local TV station down there.

We had lunch – I thought this was fish, but Artur tld me it was bbq’d fat. I didn’t try it.

We had other stuff to eat though.


Me, Ruslan and Artur

Me shooting my lead out for the end of the show

I love being in the mountains. Chechnya has the best scenery I have ever witnessed.