Всё будет хорошо……

I can’t get this song “Всё будет хорошо” out of my head. It is so cheesy and catchy and played 24/7.
I really like these TV channels like Bridge TV, etc. They play music videos all day long – unfortunately it is a very small roster – but what can be done? I reckon the purpose of these channels is to make songs popular.

I can’t stop picking up cats. I found a kitten outside of Dom Pichati and ended up taking him home. I can’t take care of him…he’ll be too lonely home alone all day – but I found him a home…in Chernorechye – hahaha. Poor Fatima and Beslan, I brought them a kitten wrapped in a blanket like a baby. I love that kitten – he will be so much happier and well taken care of in the village rather than in the centre of Grozny with no one to help him.

This kitten is lovely. Yes, his paw is a little dirty – but that can be fixed.

Hahahha – this is Fatima and Beslan’s son Imam. He is sooooo happy that I turned up at their house with a cat in a towel – hahaha.