Obama, Chrystal Callahan, Lezginka

This is the final Post of Grozny Gossip. I have left Chechnya. I thank all of the readers and friends who made blogging on here such an awesome experience….and the ridiculous journalists who wrote the sensational articles about me.

I wish everyone good health and happiness.

And now…..my final post :

I was just online looking through Google photos of myself – loool.

Anyway – I saw one that looked strange, I clicked on the photo and someone had photo shopped Obama dancing lezginka with me in a Chechen outfit. IT LOOKS AWESOME!

Who does that stuff? I mean, what would make someone sit down and spend time on it? Well, whoever did it – THANK YOU. You made my last few minutes before I crash for the night. Well, I have to send this to my friends – they are going to CRACK the F$%k up!!!!!