>Aimani Aidamirova Concert

>Well, I did it. I performed a duet with Aimani at her concert tonight. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect – and when I found out what a big event it was about 20 minutes before I went on….I really went into a tailspin.

Madina was texting me from the audience. She told me that they were waiting for the president to arrive, and also – Shamsail was there. This is what made me most nervous because I didn’t expect him to be there and he is the one who gave me this job here. I don’t want to let him down and I didn’t want to embarrass him on stage. I was shaking!
I was so nervous that my mouth was trembling when I actually went on tage and was singing – I hope the cameras didn’t pick that up. There was also one point at the end of our routine where a dancer is spinning with a Chechen flag and a Canadian flag and Aimani and I are also spinning along side him. OMFG! I forgot to look at only 1 spot while spinning because I was too high strung and when we stopped spinning I almost passed out! My eyes went crossed and and I let out a small yelp an all I was thinking was – DON’T FALL!!! I could only see Shamsail’s face in my head while praying not to pass out at the concert of the year on stage- hahahaha.

Here I am after the concert with one of Aimani’s dancers.
And yesterday when I was about the shoot the news in the studio – Amina Akmadova and Asyet Abubakarova came to shoot a new music video. I took their photo…
Nothing more to say tonight except – I am too tired to think straight. I have a lot to do tomorrow and I am nervous about going to this lovzar party. I better practice dancing!

>" Дицлур Дац " my first Chechen music video


Well, I did it.
I feel relieved that this video is complete. I put it on Youtube last night. It premiers on Grozny TV today.
Said-Sellim the President of the TV station has not seen it yet.
above photo:ME AND SAID-SELLIM ( he’s the President of Grozny TV )Hahahhaha. It is yet another surprise for my employers, including Shamsail.

I am so happy this season is over. I am exhausted and have bags under my eyes. I look like I am 100 years old. I am taking 3 weeks off and going home. Yeah!!! However…this is a working trip. I have to make a special report for Grozny TV while I am away.
My reminder just went off on my phone. My friend Khassan Baiev is arriving in Moscow today! Hooray!!!!!! I am so happy he is coming back to Chechnya. He will stay for 4 months. He is one of the most AMAZING people I have ever met. I can’t believe that a person like him exists. After I read, Grief of My Heart: Memoirs of a Chechen Surgeon , I felt that I never should complain about ANYTHING ever again. Everyone should read this book.
Today I am supposed to be packing, however….I hate packing. I always put this off until the last possible minute – then I have a meltdown because I am completely overwhelmed and start crying. My family has seen this many times. Instead of packing, I am going to my friends house ( my family in Chechnya ) in Chernorechie and I am spending the night. I haven’t seen them in 1 month. These are actually the closest people to me here in Chechnya.
Here is me and my friend Fatima:
One time I stayed over in Chernorechie in the summer. There were so many mosquitos out at the time, I could hardly sleep. Eventually I fell asleep and had to get up early to get back to the city and meet Shamsail in his office. I woke up and my eye was completely swollen shut. A mosquito totally attacked my eye ….and here is what it looked like:

Fortunately for me, Fatima is real ДИК ЗУД and she had some ointment. I went to visit Shamsail and looked normal….well -kind of normal…..and BTW – this is the day I got hired for Grozny TV.
OK, I am going to take a shower and go to the village. Fatima is making khingalsh and manti for me. My favourite food!!!!!!! I will take photos.