Obama, Chrystal Callahan, Lezginka

This is the final Post of Grozny Gossip. I have left Chechnya. I thank all of the readers and friends who made blogging on here such an awesome experience….and the ridiculous journalists who wrote the sensational articles about me.

I wish everyone good health and happiness.

And now…..my final post :

I was just online looking through Google photos of myself – loool.

Anyway – I saw one that looked strange, I clicked on the photo and someone had photo shopped Obama dancing lezginka with me in a Chechen outfit. IT LOOKS AWESOME!

Who does that stuff? I mean, what would make someone sit down and spend time on it? Well, whoever did it – THANK YOU. You made my last few minutes before I crash for the night. Well, I have to send this to my friends – they are going to CRACK the F$%k up!!!!!


K.R.A. Energy Drink

An interesting new energy drink on the market from Sernavodskaya.

It’s called “K.P.A” – in English it translates to “K.R.A”.

“K.P.A” or “K.R.A”  is known throughout Chechnya as standing for:

“Кадиров Рамзан Ахмадович” or

“Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmadovich”

…….however – this drink’s initials stand for something else.

from Sernovodskaya

Chechnya's New Energy Drink


 So next time you’re in Grozny – make sure to pick up Chechnya’s version of Red Bull. Not sure if this stuff “gives you wings” as Red Bull claims to do…but it is a cool looking product .

Next time you’re in Chechnya – buy some K.P.A. Energy Drink !!!!!


Kristall (Chrystal Callahan)

Welcome to the new “GROZNY GOSSIP” blog !!!

This blog focuses on artists, singers, socialites and famous people living in Chechnya. If there is someone you are interested in seeing in this blog, please contact me at cc@chrystalcallahan.com

Mad Scientists

I found this photo of Yusup the cameraman and myself….we are acting like mad scientists in a hospital…hahaha.

Everyone thinks Ibbi and Yusup are twins or the same person….

I interviewed Beslan Albukaev for the Q&A segment of the show. He trains children in Greco Roman wrestling…he’s also the star of my film “Greco Roman Grozny”.

I have a migraine….and that sucks. I have taken some gel caps…Advil Migraine. They usually work well but – I still have a headache.

Всё будет хорошо……

I can’t get this song “Всё будет хорошо” out of my head. It is so cheesy and catchy and played 24/7.
I really like these TV channels like Bridge TV, etc. They play music videos all day long – unfortunately it is a very small roster – but what can be done? I reckon the purpose of these channels is to make songs popular.

I can’t stop picking up cats. I found a kitten outside of Dom Pichati and ended up taking him home. I can’t take care of him…he’ll be too lonely home alone all day – but I found him a home…in Chernorechye – hahaha. Poor Fatima and Beslan, I brought them a kitten wrapped in a blanket like a baby. I love that kitten – he will be so much happier and well taken care of in the village rather than in the centre of Grozny with no one to help him.

This kitten is lovely. Yes, his paw is a little dirty – but that can be fixed.

Hahahha – this is Fatima and Beslan’s son Imam. He is sooooo happy that I turned up at their house with a cat in a towel – hahaha.

Day of The Chechen Woman

to all Chechen women !
Well, yesterday was Day of the Chechen Woman….but why stop celebrating??!

I love this song “Жима Дог”. I seriously wish there was a cool music video to go with it – like a big lovzar party and a bunch of people dancing ( choreographed of course )
Here’s the song ( but not an actual video – something..someone put together ).

Speaking of songs I wish there were music videos for…I don’t know why I love this song so much…but I do. San Bezam by Asyet Ababukarova…..

Anyway…maybe someday my dreams will come true.


During Ramadan no one I worked with could eat / drink during the day. However, at 8pm, everyone could eat and drink. Of course, I was editing at these times – and my editor would go home for 1 hour to break his fat. I was invited to Ibbi’s house since no one was going to be at work from 8pm-9pm anyway. It ruled. The food his mom cooked was great!

This is a soup that has potatoes and peppers stuffed with meat. His mom also cooked manti and tomato and cucumber salad. I couldn’t stop eating…it was so awesome.

Ibbi’s mom and Ibbi

Me and Ibbi’s family

The family cat – “Mah-mee”

I wish “Mah-ee” was my cat. I would never go to work and take care of her all day.

>Back in Itum Kale

>Nothing went as planned this week – in a good way. I ended up shooting Milan Mall in downtown Grozny. Wow, it is really cool. It was my first time there, I could have stayed there all day.

This week I went back to Itum Kale to the site where they will build a ski resort. The area is called Alpine Valley.

There is meat boiling in this pot.

This picture of Ruslan and I looks so fake. The scenery here is amazing!!!

Some people I met there.

Another amazing background. It looks like I am standing in front of a painting.

Islam was the driver on this day.

This is Muslim, he lives in Itum Kale and works for the local TV station down there.

We had lunch – I thought this was fish, but Artur tld me it was bbq’d fat. I didn’t try it.

We had other stuff to eat though.


Me, Ruslan and Artur

Me shooting my lead out for the end of the show

I love being in the mountains. Chechnya has the best scenery I have ever witnessed.