“Бьацара Бьаргаш” MUSIC VIDEO and “Vainakh” Ice Cream

Another new product I have discovered is “Vainakh” ice cream cones. They are really tasty. I suppose they’re names after the Vainakh dance ensemble. The man on the wrapper looks like the Minister of Culture Dekalo Mozayve… who happens to be a long time member of the “Vainakh” ensemble.

"Vainakh" Ice Cream Cone

Check it out!


Reality TV

My new show will be a reality TV show about me becoming a singer/artist in Chechnya. There is a new rule that all singers must perform live on stage. Previously everyone was lip synching – so this will be interesting.


I’ll be working with Aimani Aidamirova, Tamara Dadasheva and many others. I have to admit, I’m nervous about this show because it’s going to be difficult to learn so many songs, dances, movements and I must take acting classes. The reason for the acting classes are because I have NO facial expressions when I am performing – lol. It is tragic.

Today I will pick up a song from Islam Ahmedov – he has so many hits – I’m excited to work with him.

Ислам Ахмедов (Islam Ahmedov)

He did this for for Tamilla Sagaipova:

He is also in the group “Grozny” ( Гр.Грозный )

Гр.Грозный ("Grozny")