“Бьацара Бьаргаш” MUSIC VIDEO and “Vainakh” Ice Cream

Another new product I have discovered is “Vainakh” ice cream cones. They are really tasty. I suppose they’re names after the Vainakh dance ensemble. The man on the wrapper looks like the Minister of Culture Dekalo Mozayve… who happens to be a long time member of the “Vainakh” ensemble.

"Vainakh" Ice Cream Cone

Check it out!


K.R.A. Energy Drink

An interesting new energy drink on the market from Sernavodskaya.

It’s called “K.P.A” – in English it translates to “K.R.A”.

“K.P.A” or “K.R.A”  is known throughout Chechnya as standing for:

“Кадиров Рамзан Ахмадович” or

“Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmadovich”

…….however – this drink’s initials stand for something else.

from Sernovodskaya

Chechnya's New Energy Drink


 So next time you’re in Grozny – make sure to pick up Chechnya’s version of Red Bull. Not sure if this stuff “gives you wings” as Red Bull claims to do…but it is a cool looking product .

Next time you’re in Chechnya – buy some K.P.A. Energy Drink !!!!!


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